Losing job just before green card interview

I got my EAD and waiting for GC in EB2 employment based category. I believe the next step will be that USCIS will call me for an interview. Recently I heard some strong rumors from a person working in HR that my company will be downsizing. What if I lose my job just before my interview date. How do people handle such situations? Do they just postpone the interview? I believe that the online status of my case number should change to “Case is Ready to be Scheduled for an Interview” and that should give me about 2 months before the actual interview? Anyone know the actual timelines as to how much notice I will have before my GC interview?

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You may be able to reschedule the interview. However it becomes important for you to find a job asap and use AC21 to have your new employer submit I-485J supplement to take over your green card job offer before your interview.
You can use EAD for new employment so not to waste any time for H1B transfer.
Fyi, most EB candidates are getting GC without any interview this year.