Lost Usa visa and passport

I have lost my passport with USA visa. I have done police complaint for lost passport and visa. Informed US embassy also. My daughter is a US citizen. She is 2.5 years old. We have already booked our tickets. My new passport is ready with me. Can i replace my US visa on new passport. Can i get replacement in dropbox??

Lost visa does not qualify for interview waiver.


Hi there. Can you tell me what you had to do regarding visa after passport was lost. My husband is on vacation on India and went for Visa stamping drop box in Delhi. He got his passport back with new stamping but lost the passport today while travelling.

You will need to submit a request for visa replacement to the consulate once your husband have the new passport.
Have your husband file a police complaint first. This will also be needed to reissue of passport.


Hi Kalpesh,
Is there is a separate process to apply for visa replacement? Or do we have to fill out DS160 again and look for visa dates. I also read that he will not eligible for Dropbox. He will have to go for in person appointment which is fine. But what I am wondering is whether visa replacement is a different procedure .

Thank you very much in advance.

I meant to say he will need to re-apply for visa and yes he will need to go for interview. However he will need the copy of police complaint to present to the CO as a proof of lost visa.

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