Marry in different country

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One of the spouse is Indian national and other is US national, Is that possible if they marry in Dubai ?? Or they have to do marriage registration in India ?? What if they marry in traditional way in Dubai. But the question is you cannot register marriage in Dubai as they are not residents of Dubai… And Immigration wants a marriage certificate, like a government authorization of your marriage…so if a couple marry in Dubai, how they get their marriage registration?? Any suggestions please @anil_am22

It seems you are trying to introduce complexity intentionally.

Why don’t they get married at the place of their residence to make registration easier, if the purpose is to have correct paperwork.

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Actually they want to try normally, but the other spouse is US national, he is white American… so question is … can he able to fly to India under air bubble for marriage?? If yes, then they would like to marry in India and if No, then they are thinking of marrying in Dubai…

@anil_am22 Can a white American fly to India under air bubble??

can anyone fly to India through " Vandhe Bharat Mission " air bubble flights regardless of their ethnicity?? @anil_am22 or else only Indian origin can use this air bubble portal?.. Please reply @anil_am22

Go thru this link:

Also, looks like this has been going on for sometime with certain complexities involved. Better to get a good lawyer onboard:

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