Marry in US embassy

Hello Anil,

Can my sister marry in US embassy India ?? And if yes, which embassy as there are 4 US embassy in India.

Also, if they marry in US embassy, do they need to do state registration in Gujarat ( the state where they live) or they need to register their marriage in US embassy itself??

Please help with this question @anil_am22

Hi @Yasmin

I don’t understand your question.

Why would someone marry in US embassy? What is your purpose?

Who is the other person? Is he a US citizen that your sister is trying to marry?

Why can’t you marry normally as per your religion or tradition?
Registration of marriage as per the law is mandatory for it make it legal.

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My sister is dating a white American. So they were wondering if marrying at US court makes the visa process easy or not

One more question:

If one who is US citizen by birth and has some charges which was 17 years back. Charges were due to growing cannabis when it was illegal in California without a license. In 2005, he was sentences to 5 years of jail but later charges were lifted but still has some restrictions on him.

Since then, he is been living a normal life. And he got the license to grow cannabis for medicinal purposes.

Can that person sponsor wife from different country through consular processing?? Can his previous charges affect the spouse visa process??

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