Minor Reissue of Passport - Police Verification is Done - But waiting on Police Clearance!

Hi, my Son Reissue of passport police verification is completed this week Wednesday in india. But the Police Clearance is not yet sent to the Houston Embassy, any thoughts how long will it take to get the Police Clearance from India after police verification ? I have been waiting for passport renewal past 4 weeks, and Police Verification is done only in this week. i contacted the Person who did the verification and came to know that he has uploaded all the required documents from his end, asked to wait for 7 - 10 days to get the police Clearance after second level of verification!!
is any one on the same boat ? experts can you share your thoughts
@anil_am22; @Diwedy could you please help me here, to know how long i should wait to get the police clearance / renewed passport ?

Give it a week or so and you should get the passport. Check and track the Status on the website where you had filled the application form.

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