Missed final action date

I’m Indian and my EB3 PD is Dec. 2012. I’ve already moved out of US and missed final action date.

Can I still use my old I-140 to come back to US anytime without going through H1B lottery?

Or is there a time limit on how far I can use my I-140 to get new H1B after my PD becomes current?

You should file the green card application within one year of date remaining current. If you don’t, then you will only be eligible for 1 year H1B extensions.

The H1B extensions would be cap exempt but only for 1 year at a time.

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Hi ,
I am in USA only and my PD is Feb 2011 with old employer. Now I am with new employer and PERM process is going on, my PWD is got approved last week. Becoz am thinking my PERM will get approved in the end of current year or beginning of next year. At that time If my PD is current I can file my Greencard. Is there any restriction like 1 year for me and other than that any other problems will come if my PD gets Retrogressed.