Missed H4 extension due to Miscommunication

Hi Anil,
I am new to the post. Although I have asked my company attorney to file for H4 extension.

They missed and never informed me. I-94 of my spouse is upto Mar 24 2020. So not having a valid visa for 73 days (2months 12 days) I just spoke to the lawyer and confirmed that they miss the case. I heard when going with NPT use experience lawyer.

So my question is If we apply for H4 extension with NPT, what would be time line the response would take ?

what are the other options that we can do at this point of time ?

I had 5 extension till date and never had H4 being missed, this time also it is miscommunication that after providing all the documents, attorney some how got missed.

Please suggest the best options.

Hi @sagar83

This question has been answered earlier here:

@sagar83 I’m also having same situation and had filed NPT H4 and waiting in US. Let me know, what happen to your case? Your spouse is in US now?