Modify or cancel ckgs form?

Is there any way to edit/modify ckgs application form? I tried going to My Account and still cannot able to edit it. I given wrong check number.
If it is not possible to modify it, atlease is there a way to cancel and restart the form from fresh?

You have to ask CKGS to cancel it. There is no editing allowed.

@codedice Did you cancel the ckgs application form?
I am trying to cancel and apply a new application. Only CKGS can cancel the application form ?

Yeah it looks like we are unable to make changes or cancel the application form. I emailed CKGS multiple times to delete the existing form, but I did not received a response yet.
And their customer service number is not working.

Lots of delayed responses, not sure if they are working at all.

Yes @codedice . No response to emails.
@Anil.Gupta can we cancel using the link Withdraw / Resubmit Passport ? I have not shipped any docs. Payment is via money order and fedex label already downloaded.


Even I have same issue unless they cancels the old one we can not restart new form.
Not sure how long they take to respond to emails.

I saw somewhere that generated shipping label validity is only 2 weeks post that it will get cancelled automatically and we need to restart the form is that true?

@vh2020 @codedice @Anil.Gupta I found it we can cancel the earlier form in CKGS and start new application where earlier payment will get refunded based on their terms and conditions.

@DESIBOY cancel using link - Withdraw / Resubmit Passport ?

How do you cancel the form ?

@codedice @vh2020 Here you can do CKGS USA - Passport | Refund Claim

Refund reason select Cancel Application.

Excellent. That worked. Thanks @DESIBOY

@codedice @vh2020 As we never sent the physical documents if we can go ahead and cancel the earlier MO at USPS will that work?

Yes, cashiers check or money order, we can cancel anytime and get the money back.
Where you taken MO ?

@codedice USPS I am going to cancel that MO.

Hi, I did discard the old application and started a new one with a new web reference number. However, now I am unable to login with the new number. What do you think I should do? I sent so many emails. No reply

@forammakim95 There should not be any issue with new login, make sure your web reference number, DOB and Passport numbers are correct.