Moving to US on H1b - who will offer better car finance - dealer or credit union?

I’m moving to US soon on H1b so that means my credit score would be zero. I’m planning to get a new car financed. Who would have better interest rate? Dealer (BMW finance) or Credit unions?
And lets assume i start with car loan at ~7%, can i reduce it to ~2% once i’ve credit score in say 6-10 months?

Hi Geeknizer,
If you have never been to USA before, then yes, your credit score will start from zero. If you have been here before and had some kind of banking activity like opened an account or had a credit card (issued in USA), you would have some history, else no.

Keeping in mind that you have zero history, credit Union would offer a better rate than the dealer. As a matter of fact, dealers also have tie ups with these credit Unions and they most probably would try to route your loan from there too. They make money of each referral. You know what I mean.

Even though Honda also offers the loan on their own cars, dealers try to process it through bank like Chase and credit Unions.

Yes, you can reduce your loan rate anytime you are eligible and some other credit Union or bank is offering it to you. But, remember, there would always be some administrative or processing fee attached if you try to change the rate within same bank or Union.
Normally, if you are transferring your loan to a new bank or Union, they would absorb or waive these fees.

All the best.