Multiple H1B Amendments pending and now file h1b extension?

Hi ,

I already filed my Amendment earlier when I changed client from LA to NY. Its been 13 months that we filed for my amendment and it is still pending. Prior to that when I started my assignment in LA aswell we filed for amendment and it is still pending aswell. Now I should file for my H1b visa extension. Will it cause any problem if i go for extension with same employer? Or Shall i go for visa transfer with other employer?

You are adding complexity to your case with multiple pending H1B amendments.

You should have upgraded them to premium to get result and then file H1B extension.

You can legally file H1b extension though.

You mean to say I can wait till my Visa expiry and file for extension ?

I requested my employer to upgrade it to premium however but did not hear anything from home sofar . He was asking me to transfer of my Visa to his other organization.

Just in case if my amendment gets denied what is the situation ?

Waiting till visa expiry and then filing extension or earlier is your choice. I am not saying anything there.

You can also file H1B transfer if you want.

If your H1B amendment is denied, you cannot work for the client that’s amendment has been denied. You will have to go back to old location for which you have an approved H1B.

Even after rejection if I want to work for same client what are possibilities for me ?

You have to have an approved H1B for that client to keep working.