Multiple H1B lottery

Hi Anil,

If I apply for 3 H1B from 3 different employers, what might happen in the lottery process.

What would USCIS do if I get picked multiple times in the lottery?

If so, can I join the company I want to?

Are there any implications?


Multiple H1B are allowed if the end job is different.

Applying for same end job H1B from multiple employers is considered fraud.

Thanks, what happens in the lottery process. Is there a possibility that multiple application are selected for the same beneficiary. Can the beneficiary then choose which one to move forward with?


Its the H1B Employer who has to choose and not beneficiary.

If your multiple applications are selected, your employers will need to apply the full application.

If they don’t, then it is considered a negative remark on that employer as they have probably misused the system.