Multiple h1B transfer petitions at same time

Hi @anil_am22 ,

I accepted the offer from company B and they started H1b transfer in premium , its in progress with USCIS now(filed beginning of this week).
Meanwhile I got another offer from company C (better offer which I want to accept) , and they are about to start H1B transfer next week.
My current H1B validity/I94 (company A) is till August,2021.


  1. Can we do two H1B transfers in parallel (A to B and A to C)
  2. Should I wait for B’s approval to initiate transfer from B to C ? Or am I good with A to C transfer?
  3. Will it be bridge petitions or independent petitions, any dependency between each.


You can file multiple H1B transfers at same time and join the company that you like.