Multiple H1B transfers during 60 days out of work period

I was with staffing company A working for client X, project got ended on March 12. I was out of work for 10-20 days and company A had to inform USCIS about my out of work status, which will result in cancelling of my approved i797. USCIS is yet to take action on it, case status currently say “correspondence received and will review”.

Since company A did not find new opportunity for me, i had to switch to new staffing company B working for client Y after a month gap. Company B has filed my transfer petition and i started work after a month gap.

My concern, there is already an visa transfer from company B in process and its in normal processing. if i get an full time opportunity with company C and they are ready to do my visa transfer in premium but its after the USCIS makes decision on i797.
Will there be any issue in accepting the offer since i did not have any valid i797 or should i convert my visa with Company B convert to premium and wait for it to approve and then apply change employer with Company C?

Thanks in advance.

Its always better to convert to premium to connect the dots and hence the H1B status.