Multiple H4 applications for EAD auto renewal

Hi Anil,

Below is my scenarios and want your advice if my understanding is correct.
Intention is to get H4EAD auto renewal with a new i-94

  1. File H1-B in premium along with H4 and H4EAD - Checking for the rarest possibility of getting H4 AND H4-EAD approved along with H1-B by waiting for few weeks after H1-B approval.

  2. Lets say H1-B got approved and H4 and H4 EAD didn’t move apart from the receipt notice. Can I travel along with new H1-B Approval to Mexico border and apply for H4 and get a new I-94 for H4 even though another H4 is still in progress?
    Note: Current H4 (validity active) is not stamped in the passport and current I-94 has expired.

  3. Lets say H1-B got approved and H4 got approved and waiting/pending on H4-EAD - What are my options to get a new I-94 . Can i still travel to Mexico border and get just the I-94 for the approved H4 ?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Anil,

I got an offer from Employer A and H1B was applied in premium along with H4 extension and H1B approved and H4 is still pending.
Meanwhile I got another offer from Employer B, now they are applying for H1B transfer in Premium and suggesting me to apply for H4 extension also. I did not tell Employer B about my offer from Employer A.
So, my questions are here

  1. Is the H4 extension applied through Employer A is still valid even I don’t join the Employer A and they may revoke my H1B before the H4 extension approved.
  2. Even H4 gets approved from Employer A still valid if H1B is revoked?
  3. Do you advise, I should still proceed and apply for H4 extension through Employer B also?
  4. Will there be any issue if we have multiple H4 extensions pending with USCIS?

My intension was not to tell Employer B is that they shouldn’t think that I have another offer as they may think that I will not join Employer B.

Please note, I am not currently with Employer A or Employer B . I am currently with Employer C.

Thanks in advance for your help.