Multiple H4 with RFE received in one

Company A applied for H1B and H4 extension in May 2022 which is still pending.
I94 is expired on 12 Aug 2022.
Found new job, Company B applied H1B transfer in premium on 16 Aug 2022 and is approved. Also applied for H4 Extension on 16 Aug 2022 for which RFE received.

In order to proceed with instant petition, you must provide evidence that
a. A reponse to a USCIS notice was submitted on the prior benefit request, if one was issued;
b. A final decision was made on the previously filed benefit request; or
c. The beneficiare is otherwise eligible for requested action.

Such evidence may include, but is not limited to:
a. A copy of form I797, Notice of Action, showing the approval of benefit request;
b. Evidence that a response to a USCIS notice on the prior benefit request has ben submitted, if one was issues; or
c. Evidence showing that the beneficiary was in a valid non immigrant status at the time instant petition was filed or requested start date of instant petition, whichever is later.

Can experts please help?
Also, I have not received RFE on application filed earlier in may 2022.

@anil_am22 and @Kalpesh_Dalwadi , I would really appreciate if you can share your thoughts being one of the expert in this group.

I think # C applies in your case as previously applied extension of status is still pending for H4. You should have applied for H4 extension of status before the I-94 expiry, ideally with H1B change of employer (aka transfer) petition.

You can respond to RFE with copy of I-797 receipt notice for H4 extension from the previous EOS that is still pending and explain that when this EOS was filed, the H4 beneficiary was in ‘authorised period of stay’. You may as well hire a lawyer ( could be same as your employer’s who filed your H1B) and have them respond.

Thanks Kalpesh for the response. I will reachout to attorney.