Multiple pending H4 EAD query

I had applied for H4 COS and H4-EAD in Apr 2020 (My spouses H1B was valid till Aug 2021) and in March 2021 my spouse applied for H1B extension and it got approved till 2024. I went to India in Apr 2021 and got my H4 visa stamped with new H1b petition and it is valid till 2024. I came back to US and applied for H4-EAD in June 2021 with new H1B petition which is valid till 2024.
In July 2021 my H4 COS was approved by USCIS. If USCIS processes the old H4-EAD application will they consider new H1B petition and give expiry date till 2024 or just till Aug 2021?

Currently I have 2 pending H4-EADs

Ideally USCIS should have denied this application as you left the country for India when the H4 COS was still pending. If you travel outside the US when your application is pending it is deemed abandoned and should get denied per USCIS laws.

With your first EAD application you had attached copy of old I797 for the primary H1B so I doubt they will approve per the new H1B I797 expiry.

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it would be worse if they give till Aug 2021 which is less than a month

What happened next ? What was the expiry date of the EAD you got?

It was approved till 2024

thanks for the response!