My ACS assessment ignored my Major experience

HI Anil,

Please advise on my scenario. I am a majorly a system admin with little network experience not mentioned in the experience letter in the first company (8 years )and also a system and network administrator in my later companies for which i am working for the last two years and did my ACS assessment for ANZCODE 263111(Computer Network and Systems Engineer).

But ACS assessed my first experience 8 years as not closely related and counts only last two years only as closely related.

I have only two options here whether can i get a employee reference letter from a colleague with network experience added as my first company HR is not adding the network experience in the provided letter or do i have to review my letter with the anzcode 262113 as system Administrator or should i have to write to acs asking thier advice.

Please advice i am totally broken today after i received this letter. Also they has provided my degree with Major in computing so will they deduct any years in my work experience.


Hi @cres_javed

My suggestion is to get assessment for system admin ANZSCO code if that matches your job experience letter.

ACS requires that your duties match at-least 65% with ANZSCO to be considered it as closely related.

Hi Anil, Thanks for your quick response. How good are the chances for 262113 for it to get invited with 80 as the trend show no invite for last 8 months.

And will they not consider if I provide a r and r letter for the experience who h acs did not consider with relevant duties added and get colleague endorse the same because I actually worked those duties for which the HR is reluctant to add as they stopped giving r and r now.

Also with system administrator code Acs will deduct 4 years experience against my degree and I will lose another 5 points there in experience.

Please advice shall I review will system Admin code or reapply a new submission with the same code with colleague referred r and r letter for the ignored experience.

Hi @cres_javed

It is not possible for me to give any suggestion as far as your job duties are concerned.

Please use your best judgement.

Invite chances are same for almost all job codes with 80 points.