My CoPR is about to expire soon


I am an Indian citizen and currently living in USA. My wife is currently in India. I received an email in Feb 2020 to send our passports to Canada. I responded to the agent that my wife is in India and got following response.

*Once your passport is returned to you with your visa and Confirmation of Permanent Residence (CoPR) you may then land in Canada. It is only after you have landed that your spouse may send their passport to their local office in New Delhi for processing. *

I have just sent the RFV letter for your spouse with instruction on how to do so (you will note her UCI at the top of the letter). Please note that the 30 day deadline mentioned in your spouse’s letter does not apply. Your spouse will have 30 days after your landing date to submit her passport.

Please note that both you and your spouse must be landed before 2020-09-22 (this is the expiry date of your CoPR’s).’

I sent my passport and I got a single entry visa issued to me on March 20,2020. Due to the lockdown, I received my passport on July 8, 2020. As we haven’t received RFV letter for my wife yet and most things are still in lockdown, I explained this situation to the VSF agent in an email asking for guidance on what to do if we fail to meet the Sept 22, 2020 deadline. I have received the following response and not sure if it is safe to proceed this route. I don’t want our CoPR to get cancelled or left with no way to recapture it.

As of now our Visa Application Centres (VACs) are closed. Even if your spouse were to receive her RFV letter she would not be able to send her passport to have it processed and attain her Visa and Confirmation of Permanent Residence (CoPR).

We can cancel both of your current Visas and CoPRs. This would make the documents you currently have void and unusable. Once the VACs have re-opened and the travel ban is lifted you would both have to re-send your passports to attain your new Visas and CoPRs and then land.

Please note that your spouse may have to complete a new medical exams as valid meds are required for this.

Thank you for taking a look, kindly share your thoughts on this.


You should talk to your agent and get a resolution as your have paid them the money for Canada PR process.

We cannot help you here.