My effective date and points are falling under the selection criteria for the 189 Dec 2022 round, but I still did not receive an invite


I have an EOI with the following details:

Points(189): 85 (Offshore)
Occupation: Civil Engineer-233211

EOI initially submitted on: 09/10/2022
Last submitted on: 16/11/2022
Effective Date: 29/10/2022

As per the data provided in skillselect regarding the 189 invitation round as on Dec 08 2022, the latest date of effect month is 11/2022 and the cutoff for civil Engineering occupation is 85 points.

Given that my effective date and points are falling under the selection criteria, I still did not receive an invite.

Can someone please tell me what could be a possible reason I didn’t receive an invite, is there something I’m missing?

I would also like to add that I have received 2 no. of 189 invites in the Oct 06 2022 round on a 2 different EOI Ids for 80 points, but couldn’t apply for it, as I didn’t have a valid english score on the date of invite, and that these EOIs are still active (in other words have multiple EOIs active).

I have submitted a new EOI with valid points in the month of Oct (on which I’m actually expecting the invite),as the previous EOIs were locked in, although, the email ID is same for all the EOIs.

Can the previous invite be a reason for me not being invited? or multiple EOIs being active?

Any information with relation to the above would be appreciated. I have been trying and waiting for one since 2019.

Thank you.