My hap id is not opening what to do?

I’ve submitted my 190 and Visa officer ask me to do Medical, i tried to do it but my hap id is not opening what to do?

What do you mean by hap ID not opening? Please share a screen shot or the error or any other useful info to help you with any meaningful answer.

Thanks for your reply, I’ve applied for subclass 190 in Australia and I’ve got an email from my Visa officer to provide me hiv medical test. I went to two different panel doctor and the doctors are not able to access my emedical account via my hap id, what should I do?

Email the CO back to unlock your medical information immiaccount.

I have submitted my 190 in November 2019, my case officer asked me to do medical on 6th of march. My penal doctors were not able to access my emedical account via hap id given, so i did generate a new hap id under 189 cause there was no option for 190. Finally I’ve submitted my medical on 9th of may and I’m stuck offshore due to covid 19. Will i get my 190 finalized offshore it’s been almost 2 months after medical?

If you lodged your Visa application onshore, then it will be processed as onshore application. However, since you are now out of Aus, it would be highly suggested that you inform DHA of the change in your circumstances.