My husband's H1B Transfer denied - H4 EAD status

My husband worked with a Company till October 2019. He joined another Company on receipt notice in November 2019. Yesterday his H1 transfer got rejected. His former employer already withdrawn his H1 (But I94 is valid till June 2020). His new employer will appeal his petition after 4 weeks. Currently I’m working in a company with h4-EAD. I have valid EAD till July 2020. My new EAD is under Processing. My questions are

  1. Shall i continue my work till July 2020?
  2. If not when i should stop working?
  3. Shall i work remotely(India) for my employer?
  4. When we have to leave the country? Can we wait till we get denial notice from USCIS.

Thank you.

Hi @mj1953

Sorry to hear about your H1B transfer denial. Unfortunately, you have lost your both H1B and H4 status after the denial.

Since, your husband cannot go back to work with old H1B employer, he cannot maintain H1B status. This makes the situation difficult as he is ‘out of status’ at this time. You all should leave US as early possible preferably within 10-15 days.

You can apply for new H1B transfer but will need to wait for result outside US.

You cannot continue working on H4 EAD either as the H4 status has been lost. My suggestion is to stop working immediately and leave US to avoid issues later with visa renewal.

Thank you for your response.