My wife New H4 EAD is still pending meanwhile husband is applying for H1B Extension


I am in confusion on what will happen to Existing new H4 EAD pending application.

Currently I have H1B and my wife H4 has approved petitions till Aug 2021. In Jan 2021 I applied for New H4 EAD application and it is still pending.

I am now applying for H1B and H4 extensions.

Whether I need to file H4 EAD again along with h4 Extension or just filing H4 extension is fine and Existing H4 EAD pending application is still valid?
If I need to apply for new h4 EAD application then what will happen to existing pending H4 EAD application?

Can you please clarify? Thanks for your help !!!

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The pending H4 EAD is based on your existing H4 which is valid till Aug 2021. If this pending H4 EAD is approved before Aug 2021 , it will be only valid till Aug 2021. If it is adjudicated after Aug 2021, it will be denied.

So you will need to file H4 EAD along with your H4 extension that you are applying with the primary H1B.

Ideally, you should have hold on to filing H4 EAD if you knew that H1B & H4 extensions are coming up in near future.


Thanks for the clarification Kalpesh !!!.