Need Help! Unable to change name after making payment

@Ishani_Doshi @macmoby
Are we supposed to edit the name before making the payment itself. My payment is complete and application is confirmed. Cannot find an option to edit name anywhere to the actual name with spaces :frowning:
Any suggestions what to do here?

Once the payment is done i think there is no way to. update forms.

You may send a query to VFS asking for next steps.

to my best knowledge, you may have to submit a new application & request for refund on Previous one.
You may not get full refund, some service charges/courier charges{if u used vsf provided FED ex} may not be refunded.

You should contact VFS bbefore taking any steps

any update on refund status ?

Hi @rpenme

Can you please share the refund process that you may have followed? It will help a lot of other users who are facing problems with VFS.