Need suggestions- send gifts to India

Hi there, due to the current pandemic and travel uncertainty I cannot visit India. But indeed to send some gifts (clothes / one Kindle / chocolates) to my nephew… any suggestions for a reputable courier to send from USA to India at a reasonable rate? I am ok if the shipment takes some time.

Its probably around 5-7kgs. Since there is this tablet, it would be nice of there is insurance.

I wish there was a courier service as cheap as it’s for sending stuff from India to USA…

Thanks in advance

ps. Sorry of this is ot the correct forum to post.

You can use USPS international courier service. They use FedEx in India to deliver stuff to home.

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Great. Thanks.

is it advisable to send electronics? Like a tablet ($80 value)? Will it be a problem in customs? Thanks in advance.

You can declare the $ value with USPS. FedEx should be able to do custom clearance and charge back to the receiver. Most probably low value gifts wont incur duty.

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Custom duty will be charged in India and FedEx will ask you to pay it at the time of delivery.

The complete process has been shared with real life experience here for sending electronics to India.


What a great knowledge base you have created on this forum, salute to you! :slight_smile:

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Thanks Anil. I am a little lost. On the linked page, its mentioned that INR 10,000 or more will be charged duty/ customs. This tablet (inv) is for USD80. So, will the recipient need to pay any duties?

Custom duty is charged based on on total of product cost + shipping and everything else.

Now, it depends on how much you spend.

You can use the calculator to calculate the estimated duty if you want.