Need to know about travel of h4 if h1b has only recipt notice

Hi Anil,

I have few queries, I appreciate if you could answer. I am on H1B and currently on 60 days grace period as I resigned from Company A and recently I got the recipt notice from employer B which is filed in regular processing. And my dependents already has H4 visa with Company A and visa valid till Oct2019. So can H4 dependents travels to US on company A visa. If yes what is the process and documents needed.

Are you currently working in the US on Company B payroll?

Hi Anil,

Yes recently I have joined Company B on receipt notice (filed in regular processing (non premium)). Company B filed the LCA from Location Y where as Company A’s LCA was from Location X.
And my dependents already have H4 visa with Company A and which is valid till Oct 2021.

  1. So can H4 dependents travels from India to US?
  2. If yes can they travel Company A H4 visa or they need to wait till my H1B visa got approved from Company B?
  3. If yes can they travel from India to Location Y (which Company B mention in LCA) or they need to travel first to location X then from location X to Y.
  4. What are the documents H4 dependents needed while traveling from India to USA?

H4 can travel and use the valid stamped visa irrespective of which employer it is for.

They can enter at any US airport. It does not matter.

They should carry proof of your H1B transfer and most recent 3 payslips.

Thanks for the suggestion Anil… Appreciate :blush: