NEW -A-22058-77664-03/02/2022-Prevailing Wage Determination APPROVED User Comments PERMTracker

NEW -A-22058-77664-03/02/2022-APPROVED

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Congratulations. This is really good news for appliers of March

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Is this for pwd or perm could you please confirm ?

It’s Prevailing Wage Determination

It’s Prevailing Wage Determination PWD

Sorry for the confusion, It’s Prevailing Wage Determination

You filed on Mar, 2 and just got your PWD? That’s horribly slow.

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How long is it taking for permit?

This group is for perm only . Could you delete it to avoid confusion .


Everything is supper slow now. DOL is doing nothing to improve.

It means that PERM and PWD is different?

Prevailing wage determination is an integral part of the PERM process. Mine was filed on Mar 14 and got the certification on Oct 14