New H1B cap subject petition approved while h4 extension is pending

Hello Anil,

I am currently on a h1b visa that expires in November 2020 and my wife is on h4 , h4-EAD and we have filed for h1b and h4 ead renewal/extension for both of us.
Mean while my wife was selected in the lottery for h1b this year and her h1b was approved on june 19th 2020. Since her h1b(COS) is approved, i don’t believe she will be in h4 after October 1st.
My question is, what would happen to her h4 EAD renewal application? Would USCIS automatically ignore that petition since the change of status went through or do we have to do anything?

Thank you very much for your time.

USCIS should deny the H4 EAD if the status has changed from H4 to H1B at the time processing H4 EAD application.

Thank you Anil!