New H4 with another employer while previous extension is pending

I am looking to do H1 transfer with another employer but my spouse H4 extension is still pending with previous employer.

Can I still go ahead and file H4 along with new employer while the previous extension is pending?

The new employer is requesting a scanned copy of I-539. I remember a physical copy needs to be sent. Do they accept scanned copy as well? Has that changed because of COVID?

You can apply a new H4 extension/Transfer while current H4 extension is pending.

Thank you @anil_am22 . How do you mention this in I-539? Do you just say applying for extension again and submit the prior receipt along with it?

FYI - my spouse I94 is expired.

Yes, mention the current situation as it is and refer the receipt number.

Thank you again @anil_am22