New Labor pending but PD date current

My new company has just started the perm process (still getting various approvals), my PD date is current and I have till Jan 2023 on my H1b.

Can I get regular H1 extensions even when my Pd has been current for a year or longer if my new i140 hasn’t been filed yet? What is the rule and how many extensions can I get?

Yes. You continue to use H1b for extensions

You should talk to your old employer and file i485 within 1 year of PD date getting current.

My suggestion is to NOT wait for current employer’s i140 approval.

H1B extension will be problematic if you have not used your PD date within one of year of it remaining current in 'final action’ chart.

What exactly happens if my new i140 is not filed by 1 year of Pd date final action being current? Some folks say I get just 1 H1b extension of 1 year, others say I can continue to get regular h1 extensions.

Returning to my old employer is a problem as a role would have to be created and it will affect my career trajectory! Thankyou for your response.