NIE for regular H1 appointments

Hi @anil_am22 ,

I have a regular H1B visa appointment in the month of September 2021 at Hyderabad consulate. I have few questions here:

  1. do I need to have NIE when I go to interview?
  2. Even I provide NIE during interview and visa officer denies it do I get 221g?
  3. If I don’t carry NIE at all still is there any chance of getting 221g?

Appreciate your help.

Yes. If you have NIE letter your vusa w oi nt be held up due to travel ban.

221g may be issued for reasons other than NIE.

If travel ban is in place when you go for interview and you don’t have NIE letter, you will for sure get 221g and your passport will be returned back. Once the ban is lifted, you will receive an email from the consulate to submit your passport for visa stamping.

Thank you @Kalpesh_Dalwadi

Regarding my second question, looks like having NIE does not guarantee the issue of the visa. so it’s like 50-50 chances in spite of having NIE. Right?
In this scenario, how can I make sure my NIE gets approved? I am trying secure my travel before I reach India so that i won’t get stuck in India. What are my options? Is there a way that I can apply for NIE from US? Appreciate your help.

If you do not have a US citizen kid, then the NIE letter and supporting documents will be seen by the visa officer in person and then he will take a decision.

With a US citizen kid, you are eligible for NIE and embassy may approve it even before you travel but it is at their discretion. You can email the embassy and request for NIE.

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