NIE from India - Is stopover in Europe going to be an issue?

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For urgent business needs, I took the risk of visiting Netherlands and India for 1 month each. I have filed for NIE in both consulates (Amsterdam while I was there and Mumbai this week). I have a valid H-1B visa stamped on my passport, and am currently awaiting responses from the consulates on my NIE. My tickets to Chicago are booked with a 2-day stopover in Amsterdam from Mumbai. I am fully vaccinated (PFE).

My question is: in the case Mumbai Consulate approves my NIE while I am in India, can I use my tickets from Mumbai to Chicago via Amsterdam? If not, what are my options? I would think Mumbai to US direct flights should work - am I also ok to travel via a safe country stopover like say Doha via Qatar Airways?


You can as far as the country of stopover isn’t included in any PP currently in effect.

You can find out from below link.

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Thanks Kalpesh. So if I understand you right, I can fly direct to USA or via Doha/Dubai but not Amsterdam because Netherlands is part of Schengen/EU which is also under PP restriction.

One more question: Are NIEs country specific? I mean, if Mumbai approves my NIE, do I still get any benefit from waiting for NIE from Amsterdam or would you recommend I email them and withdraw?

Generally you apply for NIE from the country you want to fly from.