No automated response from consulate after documents submission

Hello all,
I received an email from to submit 221g documents. When I submitted those documents in their requested format, I should have got an automated response, but I didn’t.
I tried to submit it many times after that but still didn’t get the confirmation. I did reach out to and asked them to forward it to the consulate. When I call them about the status of the submission of documents, they keep repeating their generic response of my application being under administrative processing.
Is it okay if I don’t receive the automated response? How do I know if they have received my submitted documents?
Any insight would be helpful.
Thank you!

To add one more point, I created a new email address as well. But still there was no automated response.

There is no response or acknowledgement sent by embassy.

No need to worry if you sent it on the email that they mentioned. They would have received it.

Hi Anil,
When I called the customer service here in India, he specifically mentioned that while submitting 221g documents, I must get an acknowledgment email, which is automated. I specifically asked him-“ if I don’t get automated acknowledgment, does it mean that the embassy did not receive my documents”?
To which he mentioned yes! It means the embassy didn’t receive my documents.
I ended up sending another email from my side to the embassy, but again I didn’t receive any acknowledgment.
This whole submission process has been extremely painful.
I am just letting you know, for any others who might be in a similar situation.