No Change in Indian Address

applying for Minor Indian passport in US
I called VFS today before posting my application and they are saying that I need to give them Indian address proof even though there is no change of address to be printed(address exactly as before).
Not sure if the guy on the phone understood my point.
Can anyone confirm if Indian address proof is required for no address change on passport or should I ask for refund (as I already generated the label). Also need to understand the refund process


Well, when it use to be CKGIS previous provider, I was told categorically that you need Indian address only if u r changing the indian address on your passport.

Infact, i am about to submit my application for passport renewal and i double checked the Checklist that was auto generated using VFS, it clearly says the same thing i.e. you have to provide Indian Address ONLY if you are adding/changing Indian address.

Refer to attached screenshot

I guess, if you call them again, and if u happen to get hold of another rep., he will tell you diff. than what u were told earlier… this is why i call them 5 times and my wife gets mad at me :slight_smile: lol