No CO assigned for 190 from last 10 months

Hi Anil
I got 190 invitation from SA and submitted the fee on 20th Dec 2019 for Anzco 232111. Until today there is no CO assigned and application status is received. Is it a new normal due to COVID-19 restrictions or I have a unique case?

Appreciate your response.

Can’t say if this is due to CORONAVIRUS or something else.

But, lot of people are waiting.

Hey there!

I have a RN Friend (Offshore) who applied for 190-SA on 6th Nov, 2019 and for him as well, no CO contact and status is still received. So, yours is not a unique case. There are many like you who have been waiting for over a year now without any CO contacts. We can say, it might be due to COVID. Have this pandemic might not have been there, you might have got a CO contact or maybe a Direct Grant by now, you never know! The processing times for 189/190/491 have skyrocketed post pandemic. Wish you luck!

Pooja & Anil
Thanks for the response. I believe its a post COVID new normal. Hope things get normalized in coming months.