No CO assigned for 190 from last 10 months

Hi Anil
I got 190 invitation from SA and submitted the fee on 20th Dec 2019 for Anzco 232111. Until today there is no CO assigned and application status is received. Is it a new normal due to COVID-19 restrictions or I have a unique case?

Appreciate your response.

Can’t say if this is due to CORONAVIRUS or something else.

But, lot of people are waiting.

Hey there!

I have a RN Friend (Offshore) who applied for 190-SA on 6th Nov, 2019 and for him as well, no CO contact and status is still received. So, yours is not a unique case. There are many like you who have been waiting for over a year now without any CO contacts. We can say, it might be due to COVID. Have this pandemic might not have been there, you might have got a CO contact or maybe a Direct Grant by now, you never know! The processing times for 189/190/491 have skyrocketed post pandemic. Wish you luck!

Pooja & Anil
Thanks for the response. I believe its a post COVID new normal. Hope things get normalized in coming months.


Hi Folks
Just to update, until today we have not had CO contact for our above mentioned case (SA-190). We lodged our application in Dec 2019. Is it still the same case with most of the applicants? Any insight? thought?


I received 190 nomination from Queensland on 27thMarch2019. Submitted my visa application on 4thApril and then was contacted by CO for more information medical, PCC on 19 Nov 2019.

I had 2nd CO on 2ndMarch 2020 to upload all scan copies of China visa for my wife Since I couldn’t provide PCC for my wife for her period of stay in China. I updated and shared explanation on 04 Mar 2020 as requested.

It’s been over a year and no update for more than a year now from immigration. Even more bizarre is it’s almost 2years since I first submitted my visa application.

I read somewhere (not sure which link) all 189/190 are being processed for those who are already in Australia.

Other applicants like us who are currently not is Australia the application is on-hold though there is no official statement by DHA.

All we can do at this moment is stay patient and optimistic. We did our part and rest is upto destiny.

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Dear Bharat
We are going through the same mental agony. Due to uncertainty we have to put aside a lot of things which could have been accomplished. Only thing encouraging is that we are not alone, there are many like us. As you said, nothing much we can do except being optimistic. Keep the community updated about your case.


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You are not alone. Many (including me) have crossed the 12 month waiting mark without a single update on our 190 visa applications.