No H4 and H4EAD response after 15 months


My husband filed his H1, and my H4 (i539) and H4-EAD (i765) in April 2019. His H1 application was filed under premium processing and got approved within 15 days. However my application is still pending (since April 2019) with the USCIS website showing the same status (that my fingerprints/biometrics were applied to my case) since Aug 2019.

We received the acknowledgement of receipt - the i797s for both my applications in May 2019 as well. Both these applications are being served at the California USCIS office.

We have raised multiple inquiries with USCIS but that has not helped - they send back the same template answer that they are looking into my applications every time. We raised the concern with Ombudsman but that has not helped either.

Could someone let us know if they are facing such a huge delay (1+ year of wait) around their H4-extension and/or H4-EAD applications? What could be the possible next steps to obtain some traction on my cases?

Thank you

I am not aware of any such delay as you have seen in your case.

I suggest to contact your local congressman and ask them to contact USCIS on your behalf.

Your cases should have been approved by now unless they are pending any ‘security check’.

Thank you so much, Anil. Incidentally I got my approval today so not sure what was the reason of the delay.

However, I will keep your suggestion in mind for future.

Thank you once again!

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