Non ICT Graduation but Having ICT Certifications and Diplomas

Hi Anil,

Good day!

I have non-ICT graduation (BCom) from IGNOU but have 2 short term certifications and one 6 months diploma in IT from different small institutions additionally one 6 months certificate in computing from IGNOU. I also have more than 9 years of IT experience (work experience prior to graduation, during graduation and after graduation).

Do I still need to prepare Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) for skill assessment?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @jeev

You do not need RPL as long as you have the work experience letters by employers.

@anil_am22, @negi

I need some clarity on the dual “ACS Suitability Criteria” vs “ACS Skill Level Requirement Met Date” conditions laid down by ACS and how these 2 conditions are applied together. Do both the conditions need to be satisfied or only one of them?

So for example if someone is a non-IT graduate and has 10 years of work experience can he/she still get points on 4 years of work experience after ACS deducts up to 6 years as per the ACS Suitability Criteria? Is the “ACS Skill Level Requirement Met Date” condition ignored / overruled in this case since he/she is a Non-IT graduate?

@anil_am22, @negi

What about the Non-IT Graduation. Does he still get 15 points for his Non-IT graduation after the necessary deductions in the years of experience have been made? Or does he get 0 points for his graduation?

You can only count the education for points that’s marked as relevant in the assessment. Simple.

@anil_am22, @negi

BCom graduation will surely be considered as non-relevant or Insufficient ICT by ACS. So does that mean we get 0 points for the graduation?

I thought they only deduct from the years of experience for non-relevant qualification but still allow you to claim full points for the bachelors degree even if it was non-relevant? Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Did you read the linked article?