Notary Officer provided attachment rather than sign on documents

I have a question on notary while renewing passport for my daughter.
I have got notary officer no stamp on document as she mentioned about there is no place for signature but notary officer has provided “Pennsylvania verification on Oath or Affirmation” and for some documents like I797A as “Pennsylvania Copy Certification”.

Please suggest if I can go ahead and submit the documents. as Notary Officer has provided all documents required notarized such a way. She didn’t stamp any of documents but provided attachment for all.

I sent an email to Indian Embassy NY and Some Pramit system as they suggested, however didn’t receive any response. Please suggest if any way to get response from them.

Also, please suggest if generated FedEx label is valid for 2 weeks/15 days only, as it may be over by this weekend for me, and if needed, can I extend or generate a new label? Please help and suggest.

Appreciate if some one has faced this situation or helpful answer.

Notarized attachment works.

It’s valid for more than 15 days. do not worry.


Thank you @Diwedy for the reply. I would send the documents and update how it goes.

I sent the documents, currently it’s with embassy for review for 7 days now.

Any idea, for minor passports how many days NY embassy takes to review and decision? This is in normal.

Thank you.

30 days is what’s mentioned. It won’t take that long (hopefully) but you will have to wait. It’s normal.

Hello @Diwedy and @anil_am22 for all of your help. thank you very much. Today I received my kid’s new passport from VFS.