Nothing displayed in re-estimate /check the status section

When I checked the status of my perm, it didn’t show any information regarding the timeline for approval or denial.

There is simply blank space where it used to have:
Status- pending
accept approval on or before - XYZ date

Can someone let me know what does it meant? (attached below for references)

  1. with information on status update and approval timeline. (normally I used to get this earlier while I was checking my status)
  2. without any information and just the blank space - no update about the status and approval timeline (currently I am just getting these when I check my status)

Has anyone gone through the same situation?I would really appreciate any help or advise on this case.
Thank you.

this used to be normal response earlier.

There was bug today and it has been fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Please refresh browser window and then you should be able to see the estimations.

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