NRI Power of Attorney Registration at SDM/Sub-registrar in India

Hi All,
My mum is trying to get my NRI POA registered at the local SDM/Sub-registrar, and they are asking for my Aadhar card. I am not an Indian citizen since before aadhar card was introduced and do not have an aadhar card. The POA is from me to my mum who is in India. Is my aadhar card required for registration of the POA in India? I have got it apostilled in my country before sending it to India. My mum has her aadhar card and all other required documents. Thank you.

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Aadhar should not be required if you are not an Indian citizen.

Get it attested by the Indian embassy and that should work.

Thanks Anil, I have got it apostilled at the Dept of Foreign Affairs here, but Indian embassy here has advised their attestation is not required as per The Hague convention, since I am not an Indian citizen anymore.

Hopefully the Sub-registrar understands that I am not eligible for an Aadhar card.

Thanks so much for your response.

That’s correct but since the registrar office is not accepting it, you can try the Indian embassy attestation route.