NSW 190 Invite - November 2019

Have anyone received 190 NSW invite in the month of November 2019 ?

Hi Anil,
I’m waiting for 190 visa as well with 90 points for 261313. Will the draw happen on a particular date as it happens for 189? When can we expect the invite? Also, is 90 sufficient for NSW 190?


I’m also waiting for 190 NSW. Yet to receive.

Hi Anil,

I have applied for project manager under 190, submitted eoI in August 2019. As per the new point system, total score is 85 including state sponsorship. As of now, submitted EOI for both Victoria and NSW. When would I receive an invite as per new point system?

Will any other states also sponsee for project manger?


Hi @Meenu_Satish and @Sujibulusu

The chances of invite cannot be estimated for states as they do not share any invite data.

There is no fixed date of draw for state invites either. They send it whenever they want to.

85 points are good for an invite.