Nsw new rules for 190

Guys can anyone clarify on the. New rules for nsw 190. It seems the qualifying criteria for nsw 190 for ict occupation is living there for 1 year and having worked there for 1 year.

I am also in shock. Does this mean not off shore applicants will be considered on all codes with additional criteria.

That’s what it means unless someone has any other interpretation. What a waste of time and money.

As per new rules living there for one year is included then what about offshore applicants ?

Well, no one from offshore will be invited. I am still waiting for confirmation from someone who is more of an expert but haven’t heard anything.
The only question in my head is. Is this applicable for EOI going forward or all pending applications which have not been invited yet will be impacted. I think its the latter.

Well my migration agent mailed me with this news today. And said that it’s the new rule. Then again, she didn’t clarify if this is for the new EOIs or for the existing ones as well.

This is for all EOI who have not been invited irrespective of their EOI dates. My agent clarified that.

Any chance of removal of this special criteria in near future?