NSW state nomination 489 VISA

Hi There
hoping you can assist.

ive been looking at state nomination, as recently the canberra matrix gave some nice chances to ICT professionals.

I qualify under 263111 Computer Network and Systems Engineer
and i noted that this anzco is on the NSW state occupations list.

i qualify for 489 visa only as im offshore.
my question is, what is my chances of getting an invite? in Feb when the 489 Visa’s are expected to open?

my current points are 70, without state nomination ( i have no degree but tons of experience and spouse points english etc, but will get skills assessment for both me and spouse)

with state nomination ill be at 85 points,( 489 visa) and 75 points ( 190 visa)

im searching for invitations by profession for 489 visa, with no luck for nsw…