NVC Review date DS 260 creation OR Civil documents submission date?

We have the U.S. DoS - CEAC Confirmation receipt. The DS 260 was created on 2nd November 2019. Today it is showing that NVC is reviewing cases which are created on 7th Nov 2019. So does it mean that our case is reviewed already ?

In our case DS 260 was created on 2nd Nov and submitted but the PCC was pending and hence the civil documents were submitted on 24th dec 2019, so which date is being taken for the review queue?

Hi @bhupeshm

Your application should be picked up for processing soon. The date of Nov 2 should be considered for your case.

Note that these dates are not implemented strictly as some cases take more time than others. They are just indicative dates.

It seems the date considered is date of submission for reviewing the case. for the purpose of intimation only the date is application creation as they dont have date of submission in their record. But NVC have mentioned that 30-60 days after submission of documents

from CEAC site : NVC will not review your file until you have uploaded (and submitted) both the financial documents from the petitioner and your civil documents. You must also have paid the required fees and submitted a Form DS-260 visa application for every applicant on your case.

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