NYC VFS timeline

Hey all, anyone submitted a new application to VFS NewYork and received any updates? After March 30, 2021 specifically.

Thanks in advance


I submitted my application for passport renewal (tatkal) to VFS NY. Got a confirmation that they received my application on March 24, 2021. No updates after that. I called VFS last week and was told that the center will reopen on Apr 2 and they will start processing applications from March 19. But on their website, it is mentioned that they reopened on Mar 30. Not sure what exactly is going on.

It’s reopened with limited capacity. They already were struggling with backlog. So expect delay in processing of your application.

Yeh, I saw this update. But, not sure how much its affected them to post correct updates. Thanks!

Oh, I see. But, still, even After April 2, there have been no updates I have seen from anyone here. Sigh. I hope it comes to speed soon… This week is almost done.

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I just received a notification from VFS that my application is being verified and currently under process at the VFS Indian Consular Application Centre

Thanks. I too got the same notification. Hopefully it will be sent to the embassy by next week for processing!

I am unable to track the status today.

It says Invalid Input. Yesterday after receiving the email it showed application under review…

I think they sent out mass notification yesterday in error

Can one of you please see and confirm if tracking shows up correctly for you?


I checked the tracking and it is consistent with the email.

This morning I received another notification that my application is in transit yo the embassy.

Hope this helps

I too received the same notification and can now see it consistent on the tracking page. Probably they were updating status which was messing up when I was checking earlier in the morning.

Fingers crossed. Let’s see how the Embassy processes it.


Hi, I submitted the applications in 12th March until now there is no update from VFS global. I called the customer support and spent few dollars but no use. Shall I directly visit the VFS NY office? Please suggest…

On Gov passport site, it said Passport printed. However I received an automated email about Police verification initiation.

Not sure how long will it be before any verification starts or gets completed.

It is Tatkal application in NYC.

It’s the same status for my application too. The passport has been printed but I’m not sure why it is taking this much time for the embassy to send it back to VFS center. I also got the police verification initiation email on Apr 13.

Hi ,I too submitted on March 11 NY center ,no update till now, but when they called they said due to covid your application is not open … Office opened in April so wait till April end

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Received my passport yesterday. Thank you all.

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