OCI minor travel to India with less than 6 month US passport validity

Can anyone advise regarding the 6 month passport validity rule for India. My minor child has a valid OCI card and a US passport (good through Dec 2021). Does the 6 month passport validity rule apply if we want to travel to India in June. Ideally, we would like to complete this trip and then renew both upon return since we have several more months left on the passport.

Its better to get the passport renewed as the rules change frequently during COVID time.

Better to avoid hassles in India as US embassies are also not working with full load.

Thanks Anil. Appreciate your response.
I got a reply back from the DC Consulate the same day I posted the query here that it should be ok to travel with her OCI card and less than 6 months on passport. I am letting you know just in case this comes up again from others. I will consider myself good through end of the year based on their response.