Offshore Application - 133512 Production Manager Manufacturing

I am an offshore applicant. I submitted my medical and PCC on 07/10/2019. What are the chances to get results of my application?

For which job code and Visa have you lodged your application? Did you have any CO contact since you submitted the app?

I hope you are aware that the processing times have skyrocketed for 189/190/491 post covid. There are candidates waiting on their grants for over a year now.

I have applied for 133512 Production Manager Manufacturing. I got a request from my case officer for form 80, Medical and PCC on 25th Sept. 2019 and I have submitted these on 7th Oct. 2019. Since then I am waiting. It’s more than a year now.

I do have friends who have applied in Oct, 2019 and haven’t had a single CO contact. So you are not at all alone.There are people in this forum waiting for more than a year now. Covid has made the situation worse. But as long as you dont have any forge documents/criminal record, you will be getting your grant sooner or later.
I too have applied for 190-VIC in March, 2020 as a Registered Nurse and seeing all the timelines, I think it will be a long waiting time for me as well. But nothing can be done. Just wait. Wish you luck :slight_smile:

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