Old H4 Ead pending new H4 gets approved do i need to again file for H4 Ead?

My old H4 and H4 Ead was till Feb 2021, when my spouse changed his company we got our H1 and H4 extended till July 2021 so as i was working didn’t want to loose months we filed for h4 Ead renewal in Oct 2020 hoping to get Ead extended till july. Later we filed for H1 and H4 extension in Feb 2021 and attorney asked us not to file for new H4 Ead as one is already pending. Yesterday i got my H4 approved now my question is should i again file for H4 Ead renewal or will USCIS consider the old EAD and extend it as with my new H4 approval.

You should trust and follow your attorney’s advice. If USCIS needs the copy of your new H4 I-797 approval notice, they will send RFE.

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