Older i539 (previous H1b Employer) with longer i94- Eligibility of Auto Extension

Hi, i had my H4(i539) approved until Aug 2022. My husband changed employer and Both H1/H4/H4EAD got approved until March 2022. Now in Nov H1+H4+H4 EAD were filed for extension PP. H1b Already approved . Waiting for H4 and EAD.

With the new rule which allows auto extension of 180 Days with valid i94, am curious if i am eligible. Since i have my older H4 Approval which has I94 validity until Aug 2022. ( But my husband has changed employer).

Anyone has experience with something similar. Just trying to check, as i will have to quit my job unless i get approved by Mar 31st ,2022 or am eligible for auto extension

Your most recently approved I-94 ( March’22) will override your past I-94 ( Aug’22), so you can keep working till your current I-94 expires unless your H4 EOS is approved before expiry of current I-94 in which case you can continue working on EAD as it will be auto-extended for 180 days from its expiry.

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