On H1B, stuck in Canada during covid due to expired visa . Can I take another job In Canada maintaining H1B?

My Situation:
So I am a Canadian PR who left US in September 2020 while maintaining active H1B status and still having a job. My employer knows about it and continues to support me. Since then, I have been stuck here due to the US consulates being closed throughout Canada during pandemic.
As we are approaching end of March I don’t see the consulates opening any time soon. Also I don’t qualify for in mail application in Canada, since my last visa stamping was 2012.

The question is:
Recently I got a job offer from a Canadian firm and want to know whether I can legally work for the firm while I AM IN CANADA ? So basically have two jobs while in Canada 1) The US job with H1B status and 2) The Canadian job with Canadian employer
If yes,
a) how long can I do it while I am in Canada ?
b) In which country do I have to pay taxes for my US job

Please note that, I wish to only pursue the Canadian job ONLY for the time period I am stuck here in Canada.

Thanks for taking time out to answer.

Since you are in Canada, Canada immigration laws apply and there is NO H1B status.

Your employer is paying you in US bank account just to help you stay on the job but if you stay outside the US for more than 6 months, then you will probably not pass the IRS substantial presence test.

If you don’t pass it, then you may not file income tax in the US but then, it will be problematic at the GC time.

Its better to file both Canada and US taxes as per my opinion.