Online H4 Application Withdrawal after H1B Approval

Hi Anil,

I have applied online H4 application for my wife on Mar 20th after that she got her H1-b approval from her company on May 19th.
I can see her H4 receipt number starts with MCT and in the receipt notice it is given Texas center address.
Texas Service Center U. S. CITIZENSHIP & IMMIGRATION SVC P.O. Box 851488 - DEPT A Mesquite TX 75185-1488

After reading article from your blog I have sent withdrawal letter to Texas office but did not hear anything yet its been more than a month.
Is there a way that we can login to our USCIS account and cancel the application?
Are they going to send any acknowledgment that they have received my withdrawal form.
Is it advisable to upload the withdrawal form in the upload evidence section?

Please advice.

Thank You,

There is no fixed timeframe to process withdrawal. You will receive official notification once they process withdrawal.

No receipt notice is issued. I am not aware of any online withdrawal process.